I can't kiss because I'm afraid it will be bad.

Here goes the entire story. I was 13 when I received my first kiss and my boyfriend (back then) told my friends I was a really good kisser. I couldn't believe him and though he was lying. Of course, I didn't tell him anything of this. 5 years have passed and now I'm afraid of kissing because I think I would do a terrible job and I don't want anyone telling me a I am a bad kisser. I haven't talked with any of my best friends or past boyfriends of this. I have given some pecks but not real kissing and I'm getting desperate because I really want to kiss someone (an amazing guy I met) and I can't bring myself to do it because of my fear.

What do you guys recommend me to do?


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  • Just go for it. How do you know your a bad kisser? Did anyone ever mention anything subliminally? Just stop over thinking it and set the scene for a kiss.