She probably isn't interested..or what?

I met this gorgeous girl a week ago in an office where she works. We immediately had a connection going on, some sort of chemistry... Prolonged eye contact, smiling, good conversation, also she was very friendly and helpful, even flirting.. Everything was there. Later this week we had several phone calls and again, I felt she enjoyed talking to me. I could sense it. So I was thinking that she likes me and I wanted to get her number and maybe we could keep in touch. I casually texted her on fb since I had no other option Because I didn't want to embarrass her at work. I really felt we had a connection but up untill now she hasn't replied me. Didn't send a friend request, just one message. She probably isn't that much interested or maybe even shocked I contacted her through fb? I'm not a creep, just want to get to know her better and grab a coffee or something. Maybe I'm seeing this all wrong, don't know.. Why is she ignoring me? Thanks y'all!

The thing is, I won't get the chance to ask her in person. Because I met her that day in an office I had to visit for my job, handing over some forms. There's no reason for me to go back there. That's why I sent this message through fb, almost a week ago.


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  • Give her a few days and if you see her in person ask her if she got your messages. Maybe she has been busy.


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  • You (along with every one els on here) are over thinking things just talk to her ace to face about it ask her out to coffee or something and talk to her


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  • She definitely saw the message, women are on Facebook more then guys are, she probably just ignored your message... But from her point of view some random guy she talked to one day wants to be friends on Facebook and automatically have a window into her personal life? When you think of it like that it is asking to much, she doesn't know you that well and you wanna be friends on Facebook were she keeps all her half naked pics and family photos...

    If you wanna try again I say go back to that building and say I was fool for not grabbing your number the first time or just learn from this mistake and realize that adding people you barely know to Facebook is silly

    • didn't sent a friendrequest, just a casual message

    • oh lol... well I still believe she saw it, Facebook does a pretty good job of alerting you when anything is new on your account... that whole she hasn't seen it yet is just hopeful thinking I say prepare for the worst... good luck man

    • Well I agree with you she already saw it.. Women always seem to back off or start ignoring you when a guy takes a chance. It's not always easy for us to do so even though all the signs were there. At least I can say that I've tried.. Her loss, not mine ;) Thanks man

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