Is he interested or just genuinely nice?

There's a guy at my college, but I can't tell if he's interested or not.

I talked to his roommate one night at the cafe and he said how they have a competition to see who can sexile each other the most, and this guy says he wants to win by double digits. It may just be a college guy thing, but he seems like a manwhore. My friends say to just be careful because even though he's a manwhore he may also be nice.

When I was walking to class, he came up next to me and we started talking; if it were me I wouldn't make the effort to catch up to someone to talk, but maybe I'm just lazy. Whenever I see him out around campus he always says hey or talks to me about something we texted about too.

When we text, it's not 24/7, but we respond as soon as we can, so it's not like we ignore each other or are constantly talking. Also, one time I forgot to text back at like an hour later he texted me a random question like "did you ever get to go sailing today?" so I guess he wants to talk to me. He does the smileys and sh*t too.

We were talking about music and I told him how I hadn't found the pianos on campus yet and he said he could show me sometime.

He doesn't text first, but once we start talking he seems genuinely interested (i.e. he texts about as much as I do, and not one word answers). The one time he texted first was because I was down at the waterfront and said hi to my friend who was sitting across from him at a picnic table and basically ignored him (it didn't occur to me that it was him, I was really busy and it just didn't register) so he texted me later that day and was like "I saw you at the waterfront! you didn't say hi to me".

He's never asked me to hang out, and I know the whole guy thing with "if he wants to make it happen, he will." which is another reason why I'm thinking about just letting it go.

He's also really busy, he's on the school search and rescue team so he's on duty often, and I'm tired of this not being able to tell if he's into me or not, so I'm kind of debating whether or not to cut my losses and move on.

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  • he is in to you not do you like him?


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm not sure. I do agree that if he wanted to date you, he will make it happen. I think you should just continue being his friend, but keep your options open. Don't get hung up on this guy.