Ended it out of nowhere?

Ok so recently I started talking/hanging out with a new girl. We hung out four times and I kissed her hello and goodbye each time. Things were going great and we would text everyday. It seemed as if we were going to end up seeing more if each other. She invited me out to Dinner for her sisters birthday with a bunch of cousins who all brought their bf/gf. Everyone seemed to like me as she said they did. So the next day she texted me saying she likes me and everyone did but she's not ready for anything relationship wise. She said she has always been the girl who is involved with a guy so she feels she needs to be on her own for a while. Said I was the nicest guy she's ever met but it's just bad timing I guess. This happened two day ago and I haven't spoken to her since. I need opinions on if she felt this way why invite me out to dinner and text me all the time? And also do you think tht is the real reason she ended things? Any help is appreciated!

come to find out via Facebook today that she's in a relationship with her ex. literally five days after she said she needed to be on her own for a while HAHAHA. what a liar


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  • Listen to her and give her space. I was in her position and a guy kept pushing a relationship on me, I gave in, and I was miserable. It was so selfish.


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  • She could very well be telling you the truth. I've been in that place before, as have many of my female friends/relatives. Timing is damn near everything sometimes.

    I'd take her at her word. She probably thinks you're a good person to hang out with. Don't go ruining that by acting needy & pushing for a relationship she's told you she doesn't want.

  • Could be true or she just didn't want to go to the dinner alone or with a sranger

    • But we hung out just me and her every time before that and she always wanted to plan to do things togethe. She definitely didn't invite me out as a friend. I think she is scared to actually open up and put herself out there and possibly be in a relationship

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    • I'm gonna give her some space for a while and I think she will realize she made a mistake. I'm not going to reach out to her at all

    • Ok sounds like a good idea too

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