Texting about important issues

Why do some women (a lot). Think it is OK to text about important issues within a relationship?


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  • Because some people (not just women) feel it's hard to confront others with important issues, and they feel texting puts a barrier between them.

    It's like confronting people, they don't like it, so they either don't do it or make sure it's not face to face.

    • That fact that it causes issues on a day to day basis makes it OK though?

    • No idea, I don't talk about big issues through texts, that's just asking for more trouble.

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  • Look the way I can get a hold of the guy I like is through texting. He doesn't answer my call (ok,I never tried) and doesn't answer email (sure he read it). Anyways, it is the only I know he see it. If he responds back and ignore it then you can see the paper trail. It is also easier for me to share it with my girl friends ( Can you see / believe what he just text me?).

    Anyways, if you call a girl and compliment her first and talk about I will reasonable. But if I can get a hold of you through texting then we might as well as not have any conversation...Fine.

    This would probably be too long for text. Maybe ask your girlfriend to email you. My friend ex did that when she didn't want to give him custody rights and it time stamped.

  • Because you won't take the time to call us or visit us.

    • There's only so many hours in the day lol.

    • True, that was kind of a flippant answer, but if texting is the only way to contact youwithout you getting annoyed, what else is there to do?

  • We don't think it's OK. It's just easier for us to express these issues through text than it is face to face.

    • It does cause a lot of issues within the relationship though. I've seen it cause many breakups in the past. How do I stress to my girlfriend. That this is completely unacceptable.

  • Sometimes I would start a casual conversation with my boyfriend, and it would develop into a serious convo. But, I think its best to talk in person, sometimes we are more comfortable through text and I don't know if that is a good thing, because you may say things you don't actually mean.

  • Because sometimes it's easier than saying it face to face.

    • Wouldn't you think it's more respectable to talk in person though?

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    • Then they shouldn't be in a relationship, yes? Not trying to blame anyone, or call them inadequate, but it seems that a relationship should be built off respect, trust, and working toward having a successful relationship as well. Any who... Just my two cents. Thanks for your input :)

    • Well, no. They can be in a perfectly happy relationship with love, trust and mutual respect and still feel comfortable texting. Some people struggle with talking about important issues in person, they just find it too hard - the distance makes it easier.

      Clearly you'd never be in a relationship with someone like this because you wouldn't understand it, but many people are like this and get along just fine.

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  • Sometimes it's easier.

    It sounds to me like you're having a specific problem not a general one.

    • It isn't one true issue that concerns me. It's more along the lines that I'm old fashioned, and believe any matter that concerns a relationship status or could cause a fight. That it is spoken about in person.

    • Well, I don't think that's a bad approach for you to take.

      The reality is most people (male or female) suck at discussing problems -period- whether text, phone, letter or in person. If she's good at talking in person, work towards that - there are advantages. But some couples text actually works -better-. they can calm down, and think about how they want to phrase things better.

    • You do have a valid point, and I can definitely understand the need to come back with a calm set of eyes.

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