My parents won't let me date

I'm 16. I like this girl. we're close. Blah blah blah whatever.

I want to ask her out. And I totally would. My parents however are of the opinion that it is irresponsible to date before age 18.

I'm not about to just completely defy them. I'm close to my parents and it is rare for us to so completely disagree.

So I really want to know how I can

A. Deal with this girl. It is becoming increasingly difficult to talk to her, since she clearly expects me to ask her out. And obviously she's getting frustrated that I haven't

B. Is there any way I could possible convince my parents to make an exception?


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  • Talk to your parents! tell them you really like her! and try and convince them! your 16 you need be off dating and getting drunks and having sex and stuff like that its part of growing up and learning.


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  • Are you in 'Murica?

    Have you told the girl about your parental situation?

    That could remove the frustration if she's a good girl.

    Ask your parents why it's irresponsible, or better yet, as them when they started dating and stuff. That might be good to build an argument, possibly only that they are being hypocrites, which may not go over well.

    Either way, learn to negotiate. Sounds like you don't know too-too much, but maybe I'm wrong.

    Seriously though, talk to all parties about it, maybe not at the same time, or maybe at the same time. Roll it around in your mind, see where it can work for you.

    • yes murica

      Ive argued it with my parents And their thought is. They both started in high school. And their conclusion is that they were hurt. they hurt others. and it served no long term purpose. So there is no redeeming value of dating before you are of age

      Ignoring that it is honest and more pleasant to be in a relationship. And that being 18 has nothing to do with being "ready" it's arbitrary. Even if I was 18 it wouldn't mean anything. there is nothing magic about that age that frustrates me

    • Served no long term purpose? That's a good one.

      Somehow they managed to find a partner, and their first dating experiences had nothing to do with that? Nothing? Not at all? Bullsh*t, I say, bullsh*t. Not to mention, not dating puts you behind the potential knowledge curve.

      Man, it's these hard lines that parents can draw, and won't erase if they're actually wrong.

      Does what you want matter to them? Does it really matter? If it does, they'll come around. Otherwise... I'm sorry.

    • it does matter to them. But they're convinced (and I really don't blame them) that it's better for me and my future to do it their way. Which isn't that kinda what parenting is? I mean they also didn't let me stay up till three and eat cookies and candy at every meal. to them it's the same Idea.

      Thanks anyways. I guess