Why did he give me his full attention yesterday and today he is ignoring me?

ok so me and this guy are really good friends and yesterday I was really sick and ended up going to the hospital...well before I went we were texting and he kept making sure I am OK and blah blah and he was like I want to face time and he just kept texting me asking me all these questions and he just seemed very worried..so then I went to sleep and I went to the hospital and it was one in the morning and when I texted him I went to the hospital he dint say much he was ohh what was wrong and that was it and then the conversation ended and its been hours and he has not texted me at all and earlier when I told him I was at the ER I had to text him first so why was he giving me so much attention last night but none today?


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  • Something must be occupying his time, or with the you being safe in the hospital, his worries might have calmed down.

  • It must be that his busy, or he doesn't know how to continue the conversation.


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