POLL: Is it possible for a Man to remain detached?

Is it possible for a man to remain detached in a 'f*ck buddy' situation, even if he's craving and pursuing affection, cuddles, kisses and conversation?

Cause this guy I'm seeing...he's a lot more cutesy and cuddly and sweet than anyone else I saw 'for fun'...not sure how to take it?

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  • You both compare him to previous partners (showing that you recognize each person is different), then ask if "men" are capable of remaining detached.

    I'd direct you back to your original mindset: you need to take this situation for what HE is like. Maybe he sees you as more, but that doesn't mean that men in general are/aren't like this.

    • I don't know who the 'both' reference is? There's only one person asking (that's me). But yeah I realize men are individual...

      just asking for personal experiences from males here. Thanks!

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    • I agree. You did both and --the rest...

    • Yeah! So I wonder if he's developing feelings. Because last night it was like he didn't want to leave!

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  • sounds to me like he is at the very least hoping you might fall for him and change the name of the game to commitment... but that doesn't mean there is a misunderstanding, assuming there was an agreement this was just going to be flingy... if he calls you to say he misses you or we perhaps you might want to explain the rules again...

    • very well said Joshowwahh...thanks mate! From your own exp, have you ever fallen for a casual acquaintance/f buddy? ...

    • i can draw heavy lines in the sand if I have to... but, I'm very good at what I do, and the other side of the saw usually sees to my side... if you get what I mean... if not, the answer is, not until she wanted to...

  • To answer your question, yes. Absolutely. Men have no problem seperating sex and emotion.

  • It depends, emotions can be uncontrolled at times.

  • It is possible - but if he's pursuing all the usual trappings of the girlfriend experience, then it's not very likely.


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