Is waiting 2 weeks enough for someone to set up a date?

I recently asked out a friend and his reply was "Duh! haha"

Today was suppose to be his day off and I was hoping he'd text me with a proper answer or to set up the date.

He has a busy life, so I figure I should wait but how long do I wait? I'm pretty sure his silence is not a rejection (because he's been pursuing me for months and tells me he's willing to be my bf).

So yeah, do you think giving him two weeks to answer is enough?

i got an answer, thanks. =]


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  • If you asked him out...aren't you the one responsible for setting up the date?

    • Well I asked him what day he's free and when he finds out tell me so we. Can set it up. He's am emt and his schedule varies. I go to school and have an erratic work schedule that varies weekly.

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    • No guidelines, just go with how you feel.

    • alright cool thanks

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  • too long maybe

    we guy are fast thinker,moreover about girls we love

    • well I asked him out yesterday morning. how long do you think I should wait? I rather wait an appropriate amount of time before pushing him for an answer.

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  • um yes that is way too long

    • So what do you think is an more appropriate deadline?