If a guy doesn't text me first, does that means he is too busy for me?

I am the one that initiate contact by texting. He replied and make time for me to exercise together. If he can't make it, he reschedule but he never contact me.

I can't tell if he is too nice to say no to me. He is like 23 and a little introverted. He is really great at analyzing and being honest but can overanalyze (run his wheel in his head). Anyways, I can't figure out if I should stop asking him to hang out (cause he works two jobs) or if I should continue bothering him until he get the message to text me (I kind of doubt it).

He can be kind of immature but really respectful. Anyways, when I last met him, I was in my sportswear/yoga pant and he gave me the stare and head to toe look (it was so uncomfortable for me) but he just smile and went on telling me things..So I am thinking he is interested in me but why doesn't he ever initiate contact?


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  • "does that means he is too busy for me?"


    • But he doesn't ever contact me...

    • And I'm sure he has his reasons. But you're just leaping the worst possible interpretation, and assuming that that is the true one.

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  • I think roles are being reversed. and now women have to put forth an effort to date a guy, instead of trying to look hot an give him rejections.

    • I still don't think so because I still have a bunch of random guys that come up or ask me out on the street...So he might be an exception...

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  • Maybe he doesn't contact you because he knows you'll do it anyway.

    • Oh, I guess then he might be mistaken because I am moving soon...