Is this girl going cold on me?

Last Saturday, I ended the text conversation saying I had to go do something and said I'll talk to her soon. She hadn't replied to that so wondered whether it was best to wait (as the previous week she did the same, then 3 days later she texts me ":-) x x") So I assumed she might do the same..

Although it had been 4 days anyway and she hadn't contacted so assumed maybe when I said "talk to you sometime soon", was the reason why but not sure if she's going cold on me, text conversation went like this at about 7pm:

me - :-) x

her - You OK baby x

me - Just wondered how bad you're doing at this lent thing! x [She tried to give up drinking]

her - I went out last night hahaha! I'd done so well x

me - You're too naughty (name), disappointed you caved in! x

Then the conversation just dies.. no idea why. Maybe she's busy as a couple of hours before the conversation, she was excited on Twitter to see her two friends tonight.

I have a feeling that she isn't going to reply until I initiate conversation again. She has sent me texts before but that's BEFORE. Should I just forget about her and let her contact me until certain period, then just delete her number? Or should I just text her at the weekend or even phone her then?


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  • You're willing to dump a girl because of a text?

    You should instead try spending more time with her, and ask her out to dates.

    • She texted me like 3am in the morning so must have been work. Phoning her at the weekend, only problem is we live at a bit of a distance due to University, etc.