Guys: I need your help on this! (girls are welcome too)

So I cuddled with my guy friend once and we only did that and have tickle wars which was mostly on me lol. After that, we didn't talk for about a few months(which is mostly how our communication is) and hanged out since that night. Last Thursday, I texted him to see if he wanted to see a movie with me just for the hell of it and hang out. He asked what time because he was in class at the moment. So I texted him later of a time once I got out of class and hasn't gotten back to me since then. We haven't hanged out in 10 weeks, it was the day before my car accident. that's how I remember. He is a really shy guy but talkactive and funny around me alone.

I know he can be busy but can he be ignoring my texts and avoiding to hang out because of that night or something else going on? I'm just wondering.

let me put in a better way. would a really shy guy ignore a girl texts to hang out because they cuddled one night or simply because he's busy? hope that works, its hard to explain on here


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  • he's probably just busy, at least he replied to your text next time try asking him what day he's not to busy an than go hang out. read his body language to find your answers.


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  • I don't think anyone is going to know what the guy is thinking based on that


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