If he enjoys talking to me, why doesn't he start conversations?

Me and this guy have been communicating for about six months. Well four months straight, then I didn't text him for awhile because his crazyass ex was back in the picture - posting crap on his FB. He deleted her and about a month after, I shot him a text, just to see how he was. He replied and we've been texting ever since.

The issue I see is that...he doesn't start any conversations. I try REALLY REALLY hard not to text him every day, just because he's busy with work and school and stuff. But every time I text him, he replies within a few minutes. If he's busy, it usually takes him between fifteen and twenty.

He comforted me on Monday after my roommate went awol and told me "You have no friends. Good luck getting that poor excuse of a Farm boy to date you." Farm boy being my friend. (I wouldn't mind dating him, but I doubt that will happen.)

We were talking today again and he starts joking with me - only I found it offensive and politely let him know. But then I bashed myself..."Oh I'm just some stupid girl that you only converse with through texting. I'm not important." Then he goes "Why do you think so lowly of yourself? I like talking to you."

If he likes talking to me, why doesn't he initiate more?


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  • If he says he likes talking to you, it's fine for your to text him first. Try not to text him for a day or two and see what happens. Let him wonder why you're not texting him like you usually do. He might not initiate it just because he knows you will and is just used to it. If you really like talking to him and he doesn't initiate it for a few days, go ahead and text him. I think he will start the conversation once you give him a chance to miss you.

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