Superior females and dealing with it

This goes out to both sexes. Guys first, have you ever dated a girl that is superior to you physically and both of you know it or maybe just curious and you are afraid to find out?

Ok Gals, have you ever dated a guy who you suspected was physically inferior to you, but you didn't want to explore it?

How do both of you deal with that possibility? Or is it no big deal in a Man's World?


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  • While I've met few women who were better than me in aspects of physical things, like some sports or they were faster than me, more agile than me or they had techniques in control better than me and so forth. But I have yet to meet a woman who could physically overpower me in a pure strenght contest, but I know there such women out there. But anyway, it didn't bother me that they were better than me in such things at all nor does the fact that I know there are more physically powerful women out there.

    • Haha he wasn't talking about power, he was talking about looks. Better LOOKING women, not stronger women :P

    • Ah my apologies, I misunderstood then. But I don't really see the point in doing that, since I don't personally use anykind of scoring system or anything based on looks, it's hard to compare a woman and a man based on outward appearance so I guess I can't really answer then.

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  • Man's what?

    • You know things like his self respect and such, which are dependant on the fact that a woman isn't physically stronger than him, as well with the fact that no one has called his penis short and such.

    • if your self resect depends on other people being weaker than you.. you should probably find other more efficient less rediculous unproductive delusional bigoted way of affirming yourself. considering the fact their are billions of people in the world, more than half of which are women. there _will_ be stronger than you. and there will be Women who are stronger than you. such as life.

      its a good thing for anyone if they are strong. no one should rely on someone being weak, or weaker.

    • I do so hope you understood my sarcasm. Anyway, I'd say it's not "embarrasing" to not be the strongest guy in you social circle and some circles don't acknowledge it at all. But in others the one who is physically the strongest gets admiration and respect because of that strength and those are things anyone wants to achieve. But the thing is, usually if a guy is physically weaker than a woman, he can be looked upon as a wimp or such, which has quite the negative meaning.

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  • Yes, I've dated some girls who are really "out of my league" and it just went fine.