Does he still have a romantic interest in me?

Okay I went on two dates with this man. I know he likes me but he suddenly becomes insecure about our age difference. He says he wants to be just friends and I should date someone closer to my own age and I deserve more. Yet, he texts me every day he even invited me to visit him at work! He knows I am looking to buy a car since I don't have one and he even offered to help me out if I have any questions he even offered to help teach me to drive! I am 30 & he is 47. What should I do does he still like me more than as a friend? He even said once we have great chemistry. He once said the thing about being just friends and then we went on another date and he even bought me a DVD. Then after the date the next day he says he would feel better off as friends. Then he still texts me and wants me to visit him at work. Guys can you please tell me what he might be thinking? He does know that I like him.


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  • I dated a guy like this, except he was a little older than the guy you are talking about. We started out just like that friends who eventually ended up dating. We talked on the phone often and he gave me small gifts every now and then and he was always offering to help me out with things. I also would show up at his door with homemade baked goods (he loved my cooking) and sent him funny emails he enjoyed. He continued to take me out on dates and act like my boyfriend for six months. We became very affectionate towards one another and started having sex, things were going great or so, I thought. I knew that I had fallen for him and was very happy about it so I told him how I felt. He said that I was a sweet "kid" but loving me back was not practical for a man his age but we could be just friends. I was crushed because he had played me by not telling me he didn't see me as a romantic interest before we started dating and having sex. If he had I would have just moved on but he just wanted to get in my pants. You are fortunate that this man is honest enough to tell you up front that he just wants to be friends. I wouldn't force it if I were you. You'll just end up getting hurt.

    • Thank you for your honesty. I am sorry that you got hurt like that. This guy is an excellent friend I enjoy his company and would rather have him as a friend than not at all. I do think you are right because we hung out together Friday night and he didn't even try and kiss me or anything.

    • I am glad for you. I hope that you two will have a great friendship and mutual respect for each other for a long time. Relationships can be wonderful but friends last much longer. I wish luck and happiness :)

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  • He probably likes you but just doesn't feel like your the one but would still like to be friends with you or he already told you why