Daily texts; 3 days nothing...!?!

This guy always text me first everyday; for the past few months. I seldomly try to text him first... "I'm old school; the guy should do most of the work kind of thing.."

(I don't want to appear clingy and/or desparate)

Anyway, he know's I'm interested in getting to know him...

its express through my text...

So, what should I do at this point... wait? text? or move-on?

Any thoughts and feedback would be great...


He is fairly "new" guy

Met at gas station

Thanks, for the people who advised me to text him...

I did and we had a long text convo...it was crazy. he said, he was glad to hear from me:)

Thanks: Sinedge, Dipta and Babygirl18:)


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  • After several months? He's sick of doing all the work.

    You haven't been pulling your weight, and you've been passing it off on the excuse that you don't want to appear clingy.

    Well congrats - instead you appeared like you don't give a sh*t, and you're lazy to boot.


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  • if you don't like him move on if you like him you better text him...he prob thinks you aren't interested in him...cause some guys want the girl to show him he is wanted and she is into him...I'd text him ...if you like him...if ya don't why worry move on.

    • and your welcome...I'm going threw a prob with a girl with a wall up I know all to well about not feeling wanted...but I try to understand she has a wall up she can spend hours not even acting like I exist...it hurts bad so if your thinking of him text him.

    • Hey sinedge:

      sometimes us as women need time...we may still have feelings for you...but sometimes we need our space...so, keep in touch with this person lightly...let her know your still thinking of her casually and keep it moving at the same time. don't let her know or show that what she is doing is affecting you...never do that! be strong and move on...she will take notice and come to you...we love men with a back bone...so, I hope this helps your situation. God Bless,

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  • Text him!

    After a few months of daily texting, maybe something even happened to the guy

    • Just read your update! So glad things seem to be working out =D

      Just remember sometimes you have to give people the benefit of a doubt.

  • Text him