How to respond to "taking things slow"?

so I went out on a few dates with this guy I met online. things seemed to go well; however, after the last one, he made no mention of another date and hugged me goodbye (we've never kissed). a few days went by, and I texted him. he kept the conversation going, and things seemed alright.

somehow we got on the topic of hitting on people, and I told him he was the last person I actively pursued, and that he makes me work (he's not very aggressive when it comes to dating). he responded by saying he's a hard one to know and that he's "happy being an island". I replied saying for someone who's so honest, he's hard to read and I have trouble gauging his interest.

he responded today saying, "ha yeah. I get stuck in my own little world a lot. I'm just in the mindset of taking everything slow right now."

i interpret this as him not being interested, and better I found out sooner than later. I'm not really sure how to respond though, or if I should respond at all. I was thinking of just telling him good luck, etc.

any ideas? thanks


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  • Maybe he's a busy guy? Is he in school? Does he work? Could be he just doesn't have time for something too serious right now and he really is just trying to work things out and see if he should keep things going with you.

  • him not being interested seem right