How do most girls feel about geeky guys?

I'm not being self conceded, but I know I'm attractive. I recently dated a girl who was part of the in crowd. We dated for about a month, but she dumped on the sole ground that I play World of Warcraft. I've always been a massive geek. To get it all out, I play LoL, WoW, D&D, RS, DDO, LOTRO, Hero Scape, Magic:The Gathering, Yu-gi-o (the orginal, good version), Elder Scrolls: Arena-Skyrim, and I LARP. These are all just hobbies, and I have a very active social life. Would most girls (or guys, if vice-versa) be okay with dating a guy like that?


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  • I'm a geek. You're a geek. We're both geeks.

    The matter of fact that she dumped you because of your hobbies is a bullsh*t reason.

    No, it's not the actual reason why she left you. Even if it is or not, it doesn't matter, it's her loss.

    Good thing about geeks is that they much rather spend their time, playing games or role playing, rather than partying every weekend or something similar.

    If a girl doesn't want me SOLELY because of my hobbies (like gaming or playing D&D), then I would say to her that she's a liar and walk away from me.

    You can't change your hobbies based upon what people like, do what you enjoy and stick with it.


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  • Yes, and in my opinion geeks make a better boyfriend. Any girl would be lucky to date you. At least you do something with your hobbies whilst most guys just sit and watch TV :)

  • Frankly, I'm a big geek.. I know most of the 10th Doctor Who episodes word perfect (actually, that goes for the 9th too). I study maths.. and actually enjoy it..

    I'm not going to go on.

    My point - no, I don't care if guys are geeky.

    (But news flash.. Sorry.. Don't find you attractive, the long fringe just doesn't do it for me :P)


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  • Well If any women has a problem with it, let me be blunt, f*** them.

    As long as you're not neglecting your girlfriend for a game often or even occasionally, then what's the problem?

    I don't think its an issue for most women but for the people who do have a problem with it, they aren't the type of girl you want to date anyway.