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This guy and I have been Sexting for 7+months I'm in US and he's in Canada. He was distant for a bit so I asked him what's up and he said just stressing with work. Then a few days ago he was so I asked him if he wants to keep this up and he said he might starting dating someone soon and would feel bad if him and I were Sexting if something does happen with this girl so he's going slow trying to figure it out. I said oh OK, I'll leave you to it then, goodluck.

He msged back hours later saying well we could just keep Sexting until it's official with her and I. <- what caused the sudden switch?

I said some other stuff and he replied saying "we live so far from each other I don't see how we would work out" (I didn't mention him and I dating, he knows I like him) "but me and this other girl aren't serious, we've only gone on a couple dates so far haha".

Is he just trying to keep me around in case things don't work out with the other girl? Or is he into me but doesn't see is together because of the distance?


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  • He's probably into you but doesn't see you guys together because of the distance. Also, sexting 7 months is a long time when not seeing a guy you really like. It actually gets boring for a guy if he doesn't love you as much or anymore because no matter what your sexting is all about it keeps wanting for more in order to satisfy him and probably you too - as much as it did before. You should stop the sexting and work on a relationship and see how that goes. If he's not interested in that then what you guys had going is no longer there, and he's wanting a nice way to tell you. But if it doesn't work out with him and that other girl he still might be interested in only sexting you to satisfy his cravings that you guys built up but tell you he's still interested in you so that you don't just suddenly drop him. . .

    • I have asked him more than once if he's bored with the Sexting and he said he isn't each time.

    • You should be able to tell by how it acts what's he's REALLY interested in, whether it be sexting or a relationship, or both! Don't pay that much attention to what he says. Pay more attention to what he does - the way he acts and the interest he shows because that's the true color.

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  • It's clear that he's just holding you around. Cut off contact as early as possible.

  • just cut him off, he's just stringing you along in case it doesn't work out with this other girl


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  • He likes the sexting but wants to date this other girl. He is not down with long distance so it is all about sexting with you.

  • Sounds like he's keeping you around and using your feelings for him as indication that you'd stay

    • Do you mean that he's just using the way I feel about him to help himself in keeping me around? But he's not actually into me?

    • Yes to the first part. From what you say that's what it sounds like. He's interested in a girl that he's going to date soon but he continues to text you for sexts? And I don't know if he's into you or not, only you and him know that. But the distance, the relationship (sending sext msgs back and forth), and the fact that he has his eyes on someone kind of shows that it's going to go nowhere and you should find a new hot guy in your area. Hope this helps.

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