When you know you love someone

My girlfriend and I broke up a year ago. Despite this, we still maintained regular contact. We dated other people, made new friends, tried out new hobbies yet somehow we only grew together more despite these experiences. We've become each others' closest friend.

The other night we were talking on the phone. I told her I learned more about her in the last few months than we ever did while dating. I said she was beautiful and she meant everything to me. She began crying and told me she didn't know how to express her feelings for me in words. I replied that I didn't need to hear words because I knew she loved me. There was a long pause; she was sobbing. I couldn't help it and I began crying too. It was weird. But it felt good.

I want to date other women but then again I don't. I don't know how to make this girl mine and I feel stupid for even continuing to talk with her. should we still be talking or is this a lost cause?


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  • Well, why do you think she does not want to be with you?

    I mean you just told her she means everything to you and you both said you love each other. so why is it neither of you can say you want to be together?

    Love is not enough but its definitely significant catalyst to being together.. or deciding to minimally. ... So there has to be actual blocks you did not mention.

    What do ou think her obstacle is. And what do you think yours is?

    • she says she's not ready to handle a relationship and doesn't know what she wants from her life just yet. That's why we broke up. She claims I'm the right person at the wrong time

    • Well then she is not ready, and you obviously can not just 'make her yours' as others may have suggested.

      that would be undermining her credibility which is disrespectful as she already told you where her mind is at

      I guess yo cn date csally until she's ready. or just wait for her. or move on. you have basically 3 options as I see it.

      i think she's being honest. she loves you and she is not ready ... so wait or move on. depends what you are comfortable with yourself.

    • as weird as this sounds, I believe whatever happens is meant to happen. I've casually dated other women since she and I broke up; so I keep my options open. But somehow she always comes back to me even if I don't try. And as time goes on we're both realizing how much we mean to each other.

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  • If you live her make her yours, it's that simple. She obviously loves you too

  • If you love her, then make it happen. You know how she feels. Don't give up. When it comes to really loving someone, its always worth a second try.

  • You just know trust me if you cannot live with her then give it another go.


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  • At least you know there's still something there. Personally, I wouldn't be able to keep a friendship going with an EX. I know it would cause too many distractions, and just letting her go would be easier, in my case. I'm not telling you to let her go though; you both seem to love each other and it seems like all she needs is time. Be there for her until she's ready. And props to you

    • i've kept my distance in being her friend. we won't hold hands or kiss anymore. I don't want to waste my time waiting, so I casually date other women. She gets jealous about it. I haven't found another woman that makes me feel quite the same way as she does

  • You should try to work things out with her.

    It's clear that you need each other.

    • exactly - plain and simple. its not complicated

      best answer.

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