Grand gestures, creepy or romantic?

My then boyfriend of 3 years and I had a fight over what he deemed to be a inappropriate text message.Really he was just jealous that I had been texting another guy in the first place.(and I see his point) but the test were not sexual.

Most couples would solve this problem, but him being angry and prideful, he cut it off.

I've been apologizing but he is still angry.

it's now been 6 months. since then he has agreed to be friends.

we text but we don't see each other

would it be appropriate to make a grand gesture to win him back?

I'm a musical major and I want to surprise him and sing him a song while playing the keyboard

would this be better recorded and sent on video rather then in person?

Lastly, a girl may enjoy this act and feel it was romantic, but

guys- how would you feel about this act?

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if you loved someone for 3 years and they came back to you after 6 months to beg your forgivness and perform a song for you, you wouldn't be flattered?


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  • I would say don't do it, because it's possible he was looking for a reason to break up with you that wouldn't hurt you. But that is just my intuition after a few lines of text. If you feel like he barely managed emotionally with breaking up with you, go for it, but if he just dropped the knife and ran afterward, creating minimal contact between you and eliminating any chances of working it out, then he might not like you anymore.

    As far as the grand gesture itself:

    Do not perform it in a place where his friends will see you do it. Guys can be super douchy in a pack, and if they encouraged the break up for any reason (including wanting you themselves) then you will have a nightmarish experience.

    • a lot of people tell me he was looking for a reason to break up. but I think it was really because of how much pride he has. to me the text wasn't a big deal, but to him it was because I "tricked him" (his words) and he took a blow to his ego.

      there wasn't anything else wrong as far as my knowledge. there could have been. but he probably would have just told me after 3 years of being together and 6 months of me trying to apologize for the text.

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    • Ego issues? I didn't mean to offend anyone. I was just speaking from my own experience, and I understand that you may have experienced something totally different. I didn't mean it in an egotistical way, and I didn't even mean to do it in a way that presumes I am right. What about it offended you? If you tell me I will consider your advice when I make comments in the future.

    • I also agree that anyone can be super douchy in a pack

      I wouldn't do it in front of his friends. thank you

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  • yeah I'd feel flattered by her. do it in person.

  • Don't do it.


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  • You dodged a bullet. He was unreasonably jealous over you having a platonic friendship. Do you really want someone that controlling back in your life?

  • you showed you didn't trust him and he showed his unforgiving, maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

  • i guess anyone would love it.& he's not a total stranger,he's you boyfriend of 3 you should definitle do it & do it in person