or Eharmony?

I'm busy with almost no time to go out and date and I want to try online dating.

Now I tried OkCupid and long story short I hate it. I wan to know which one f these is better for a young professional looking for a relationship.


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  • I got a refund from eharmony because even though they had all this "in depth" stuff for profile matches, they limit your searches so much and make you wait a day or so to get more matches. To me this just seemed like a lame way to not give you full access to your matches right away. Plus, eharmony was expensive. I think I signed up for a 300something dollar deal for some months, I forget.

    I know someone who got married off of The thing is with that site, a lot of profiles are not paid members so they might not be able to read what you send them. Profiles highlighted in green are guaranteed to get your messages.

    Personally, I stick with free sites but I have not had any desire to go around messaging girls. While I have had a lot of issues with players, fakes, and narcissistic psychopaths, at least I can say I have met some decent people on them also. Plus, I have seen a good amount of girls that have profiles on match that are also on the free sites already.

    Keep in mind that guys rarely get first contacts also. Girls on free sites can easily get 50 messages a day if they are attractive. So they'll be looking at their inbox at people who are already interested in them and not bother with having to potentially face rejection from a guy they were interested in. The same will pretty much go for

    I personally recommend free sites. I do see how people feel paid sites would be more serious, but I only really recommend free sites for the people who want very specific dating like a religious person going to for example.


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  • Decide by ratings and success, I believe eharmony is better, if your looking for a life partner


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  • Have you tried pof?

    OK Cupid does suck. People generally aren't as attractive as I've seen on others.

    I'd go with match I guess. But you gotta pay for both.

    • I want a site where people are serious about dating

    • Then I'd def go with one you gotta pay for. Harmony commercials seem like they're more serious, but its a coin flip IMO.

  • It would be It's where a lot of single, beautiful women flock.

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