Is this divorced guy into me even though I am married?

I met up with 2 of my male coworkers for a drink one night about a month ago. One of the coworkers invited his best friend. The rest of the evening we talked about my failing marriage. They all gave me advice and their opinions on my situation. The friend was a little flirty by touching my arm when he would talk to me and told me he was attracted to me. That I had this aura about me. However, all of the males were telling me that I deserved a great man that would treat me right, blah, blah, blah.

The next time my coworkers and I went out for drinks, this guy was very flirty with me, but was also flirty with everyone. He put his arm around me on several occasions, kissed my forehead, whispered in my ear, and would touch my arm and leg when he would talk to me. When we left the bar and went to a restaurant, he put his arms around my waist from behind me. Later as we were all departing to go home, he gave me the longest, most intimate hug I have had in a long time. I truly felt something and we looked into each others eyes as we pulled away. (you know, the kind of look you do when you are about to kiss). He didn't hug anyone else.

Last night we all met up for drinks again. He arrived late and was not as flirty as he was the previous time, but also hadn't had as much to drink. He asked me how things were going with my husband, but we got interrupted every time we tried to talk. Again, I got a very long and intimate hug and the look. He doesn't hug anyone else that is with us.

I drunk texted him last night and told him I thought he was freaking hot. I got no response. However, today we tried to get the group together for pizza and drinks. I texted him to let him know. He responded to the text by saying he was flattered by the text I had sent him and it was totally awesome and he would see me in a little while.

Unfortunately, the plans fell through and none of us will be getting together. I don't want to seem pushy or like I have no life by trying to hang out with him without everyone else being around.

This is the first man that I have been attracted to since being married. He is divorced and has 2 kids and understands what I am going through.

Please don't lecture me about the fact that I am still married, I have no business entertaining this, etc. All I want to know is, do you think he is into me? and what do you think about his response to my text?


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  • He's really interested in you.

    Feeling the connection with you makes him more wanting to be with you.

    The fact that you're still married stops him from making any more move.


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