My first kiss........

Last night, when I was dropping off my boyfriend at the bus stop from our date, I had planned to sneak a kiss on his cheek by telling him I needed to whisper something to him because I felt bad that I avoided a kiss from him on our first date just Because I was too scared. But I didn't get to make my plan work when we gave each other a hug and when I looked at him he just kissed me! It was so unexpected and I don't think I even closed my eyes! I felt so weird but happy and a bunch of different emotions at the same time! Is it normal to be feeling this way? I still don't think I'm ready for another kiss though...


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  • It's normal to feel that way.

    You've been waiting for that the whole time.

  • Its good you felt happy after words, for most people a kiss is a kiss and that is it. You can't rush things either, so if you're not ready, than you aren't ready. But don't jump out of the way like he is a moving van if he tries to kiss you again, but if you feel comfortable kiss him, or just tell him on the cheek only for now.


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