What makes a guy loose interest and how do you keep that interest while dating him?

I have dated only a couple of times in the last two years. Need to get myself out there more!

Maybe I am a little bit rusty or something but we go out together (on actual real dates, have fun, enjoy each others' company, have sex. Keep seeing each other a bit more but then it fizzles out a couple of weeks after. This usually lasts around 2, 3 months then I get nothing.

It is so frustrating. Especially with the last guy I dated because he and I got along really well (as far as I could tell and we had great sex) I did not know what the problem was!

Just wondering what I am doing wrong and how to avoid the same situation to keep happening again.

You would think that this would get better in my mid 30's but it has not. Need to change something.

By the way not overweight, never been married and have no kids. Shrugs.

Any advice would be great.


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  • Theres prob nothing wrong with you ,the guys just might want a night out ...to be with someone is better then being loney , I'm in the same situation I've been dating this guy a few months we get along great but he's more attracted to me phyically then mentally (that could be the fact for you as well , they all want a pretty girl on there arm to show off and yes I had amazing sex with him too pne day he's hot then he's cold , I hav come to the conclustion that if your out with a guy make sure he is more interested i.n you then you are with him(u won't get hurt and he will be a nice guy)

    also umay think you get along really well when he might just be playing along to jus be nice to you so be care full unfortantly men rarely will get hurt its us girls who get there heart and feelings broken :(

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