Do you think he will text me?/Was I too subtle or too much?

So I've had a crush on this guy since high school. We never really talked in school, a couple months ago I had seen him at the bar one time and he did strike up a conversation with me, but we haven't talked again until I decided to be brave the other day when I messaged him on Facebook with just a simple hi..We talked back and forth for a bit, him asking me about where I work and just simple 'catching up' questions. Eventually I had to get off the computer to get ready to go to work, I told him to have fun on his last couple days of vacation in California and to text me if he ever wanted to talk and I gave him my phone number. He replied with a will do, have fun at work.


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  • He will text you. Keep your hopes up.


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  • why don't you text him?

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