He said he wants to hang out... but never got back to me?

A guy friend of mine for over a year (we used to really like each other, long story). We don't live very close to one another, about an hour away. I haven't seen him for 4 months now.

Anyways, He messaged me on Facebook last week and we talked for a couple hours. He always asks me about my love life and if there are "any special guys". But he never talks about his love life and never mentioned another girl to me. He told me he wants to hang out with me sometime but if I don't want to he understands because he doesn't want to "make it awkward". Then he asked if he could come visit me this weekend, and I told him I might have other plans but that I'll get back to him. Then he told me to let him know and he got off FB.

During the week, I decided to text him saying that I can't hang out with him this weekend, but that next weekend would be better for me. He never replied to my text or got back to me. He's been appearing online on FB a lot lately too.

It seemed like he really wanted to see me again, so why didn't he et back to me?


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  • if you kept saying you were busy, maybe he got the impression you had better things to do, or you just wanted to be friends. Try letting him know that you WANT him to come see you.


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