What the heck is she doin? Texting games

Yesterday I started texting this girl I like who I've heard likes me too. The conversation was going really well, but she would always wait exactly 10 minutes between each text till she sent her response. I had to go somewhere so I told her I would text her when I got back. When I got back and texted her she never responded :S it was only like 8:30pm so I'm assuming she didn't just fall asleep. It's now the next day and I don't know whether or not I should text her. What the heck is she playin at?

As for the 10 minuete thing I think the not wanting to seem needy things is right. But the not responding thing turns out her phone was just dead :P she told my middle man she felt really bad about it cause it died and she couldn't Text me back.


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  • She takes 10 minutes in between each text so that she doesn't appear too eager to talk to you. It's her way of playing hard to get.

    I would never send more than one (1) text per day unless she replies then always do your best to respond if you do like her. If she doesn't respond after multiple texts over a period of days then either she lost interest or her phone. Talk to her in person too so that you can better gauge her interest.

  • just text her.


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  • text her girls are like that they want you to grab her and catch her type of thing.