I want him to kiss me.

How do I drop subtle hints that I want this guy to kiss me. He is coming over Friday, and we are wrong a couple horror movies and eating fondue and dessert... We aren't dating yet, we are more hanging out as "friends" and I think this could be the night to take it up a notch in our relationship... What hould I do or how should I go about it?


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  • Quite a number of my male friends say that when a girl begins playing with her hair or licking her lips it's the sign that he has the green light to kiss her. You can try those, but make sure it's subtle and doesn't seem forced. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I would wait until he actually took me out on an official date to allow him to kiss me though. Also, before you begin, set boundaries as to how far you're willing to allow things to escalate in terms of petting and a strategy if the kiss doesn't meet your expectations. Anyway, good luck with your kiss!

    • Thanks! Nice to hear that there are still some old-fashioned people out there... ha ha I will definitely try those