What does it take to get a girl?

i am not terribly ugly but every time I get close to getting a girl she backs out I'm fixed id like at least friends with benefits that may turn into more I have done everything dating sites even Craig list but nothing

so I give up on dating what about just sex? is there not one single girl in cali somewhat near fresno who would like a guy that is always honest?

i donno I need suggestions how to talk to girls I guess I always get told I'm the nicest guy they ever met but... (this part changes)

ideas ?


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  • The solution is to approach more girls.

    Some girls don't like you no matter what, but some girls will like you no matter what.

    Just be honest with them, and avoid taking on superficial values, and they'll agree to friends with benefits at least.

    • i am always honest I never lie in person its just not me but I don't drink or smoke or do drugs and that's a major issue