Is there a difference between not wanting to date right now and not liking me?

There's this girl that I really really like but I don't think she likes me back. However, my friends said that she might just not be ready to date or wants to focus on her school right now. But I feel like even if you couldn't date right now, that's different from not LIKING the person right? because when I told her about how I like her and I know she doesn't see me that way, she didn't say anything about "oh I do like you. I'm just not ready to date." but said she valued our friendship. I feel like if I was really busy with school and stuff but I really liked a girl, I would tell them and see if theyd wait for me. what do you think girls? a friend said she told a guy that she liked him. he said he liked her too but he couldn't date at the time.

you guys probably didn't read it right but she did NOT say that she liked me. when I told her that I liked her and I knew she didnt, she didn't object that to that statement. if she did like me, she wouldve said "no no no I do like you. I'm just so busy right now." she did quit her job too because she couldn't handle classes, church, and work. but like I said, she never said she liked me so idk. we still hang out though and she said she valued our friendship.


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  • Your friends are just trying to make you feel better.

    It doesn't matter why, the answer right now is 'no'. Move on. Do NOT wait for her.

    • try imagining yourself in my position when you really like a girl and just having someone say "move on". oh I'm sure its super easy to do.

    • What do you mean try? You think you're the first person to have this happen to?

      I KNOW its hard. REALLY hard. But if I lie to you and act like there's more hope then there is (you know, like your friends are) that just makes it harder.

      Realize what you need to do, then work on doing it.

      Try to avoid falling for people before they show serious interest back. For the record, a good sign of interest is she actually fools around with you.

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  • If she said she did like you, then she probably does.

    I know I quit dating for awhile when I got into college and told people I wasn't dating at the time, even if I did like them and really wanted to go out with them. I knew in the back of mind that I just didn't have the time and my grades would most likely suffer or I wouldn't be able to see the guy as much as I should (which wouldn't be fair to him at all).

  • theres a good chance...maybe you might end up with her later on you never know :)

    • oh I hope so :p... I really like her

    • now what do you think about my situation? (I hve 3 questions)

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  • Yes, there's a difference between those two.

    That girl must be focusing first in her studies and aiming to be successful later on and when she settles down, perhaps she'll go to you.

    You have a lot of chance for her.

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