I'm so depressed and lonely, I don't know what to do?

I've been deeply depressed the past 4 months. Okay going to give a choppy synopsis. Moved to a new city 30 min from my old one. All my friends are there.I was okay the first 2 years but these past months have hit me like a train. (I'm 20, moved here with my family right after high school)

4 months ago I met a guy and we dated, I said no to sleeping with him so he kicked me out of his house. He was the only person I had in this city. I have tried making friends but everyone is flaky here. Then a week after that I stayed positive and asked a guy I liked out. We went on a date, dated a few weeks. he did the same thing to me. By that point I was just done. I took it hard.

Got a promotion at work. it was then revoked because my manager didn't ask the district manager if I could have it. So that was taken away because we have too many key holders as is. That really tore me apart because I need to get a new car in order to drive to my old city for work. Until I made enough money there to move.

About 3 weeks ago I went to visit family and when I returned I found out my kitty had passes away. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I can't afford to leave here and move to my old city. I feel so alone. I've gone down two pant sizes from all of this. Any advice from those who can relate? etc.


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  • Actually, look at the positive side of your life.

    a) A guy has accepted dating you, meaning you're attractive and have good social skills.

    b) You were promoted = wide knowledge and expertise.

    Be happy, and be grateful for the life you're holding on to now.

    All people go through that stage because at the end of the storm, a bright sun will shine all its glory in to your world.


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  • I'm in a similar situation with living in the next city along from where all my friends live. I don't have a job and haven't dated anyone lately though so at least you have it better than me :P

    It does suck not being able to see friends as regularly as you might like. Maybe you should look into joining a club or sports team around a hobby that you enjoy, it might give you the chance to make some more local friends, just to give yourself a few more options.


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  • I'm sorry you are going through some tough things right now, but believe me when I say that things will get better- trust me it does.

    Moving to a new city is hard- I loved 7 hours away to go to school. I don't have many friends either but slowly I am starting to make them.

    It takes time, getting used to it and getting comfortable. Soon you will find your niche and your friends and things will start to flow.