Guys: Why does he panic when talking about our relationship?

Sorry about the length here, I'm just attempting to be thorough.

Some background info:

- Time spent dating: one year

- How he describes our relationship to others: "We're dating."

- Seems to get jealous/minimally possessive when other guys show interest (even though we're not exclusive).

- He's had 2 prior consecutive relationships that ended because the girls he was dating grew out of the relationship (didn't like him as much as he liked them). One of which he was living w/at the time.

The Situation:

Okay, so I'm having trouble reading this guy & I need some outside perspective. He's the first guy I've ever dated that seems to be under definite duress (i.e. panic) when I bring up our relationship & how it's going. I have fun w/the guy & so I've only ever brought it up twice. Both times he seemed to go into this weird stress mode like he was anticipating something (that never happened), which I found weird because both times the conversation was really positive. I saw how tense he got & offered to "not talk about it right now" if it was making him so uncomfortable. He insisted that it's "better to talk about it" than not, thus continuing the conversation. He's also said this prior (that if I have a problem w/something, let's talk about it) with absolutely no prompting from me when we first started dating. He seems to be a big proponent of communication, so why is this stressing him out so much?

The Question:

So what's up with this guy? Guys, what would make you react in this way? I'd ask him directly, but I think this is one of those situations where he doesn't even really know himself why he's reacting so strongly.

Thanks guys!


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  • Idk., He's probably gun-shy from getting dumped before. Either that or he actually like the semi-casual nature of the relationship you have and isn't sure how he feels about putting a label on it.


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