Boyfriend isn't responding or contacting me?

The day before break he contacted me at around 11 pm. The next day I was upset about something and tried to get into contact with him multiple times in different forms of communication and later around 7pm he finally said hi and was like oh sorry I was having a "chill day". Next day I only texted him that there was an important message I needed him to read on Facebook. That was yesterday. I has not contacted me since two days ago. I have no idea if he has even looked at his phone. I know for a fact though he hasn't viewed the Facebook message. All my friends are saying he's being an jerk by not responding. When should I contact him? It has been at least 36 hours since he has contacted me. Should I be concerned and contact him or just let him go and wait for a response?


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  • What's the fb message? Is it a dramatic "here are the things you are doing wrong and how awful I think you're being" message? You mention texting and calling him, but neglect to mention what he important fb message is

    • Oh pretty much lately he has been very busy with school work and I was straight up telling him how I felt on certain situation within our relationship. It was just stuff we both need to work on. It wasn't like a hate message.

    • Probably doesn't matter. To him it's probably just a dramatic/needy/clingy tantrum. Which means he's seeing you as dramatic and needy and clingy. Which is why he's keeping his distance from you. Give him his space, don't try to contact him for a few days. Update FB a couple times about fun stuff you're doing. Show him your fun side. I have no idea how legitimate the complaints in your FB message were, but I know that you way of going about it is not going to be successful

    • Ok thank you! That is a very good point.