Girls, what do you usually talk about when you're into a guy?

So here's the story:

I don't have this girl's number, only her BBM, so calling her would be out of the question until I get her number.

We work together but on totally different days/shifts. I was talking a lot about nonsensical things with other co-workers and she has mentioned them to me while trading texts.

I have a hunch that this girl may be interested in me from what I've seen during the shifts that we HAVE worked together.

What I want to know is, what do you girls usually do over text that would hint to a guy that you like him or not?


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  • Talk about everything from what I did that day to personal experiences I've had in the past because I would want to know those same things about him. I also compliment, flirt, tease, and show that I care about him in one way or another.


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  • I will talk about anything and everything, as long as we keep talking. If she's really trying to get to know you, or trying to prolong the conversation it's likely she's into you.

  • I am still standing strong with my belief that you should NEVER DATE COWORKERS...


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