Told my boyfriend I paid off one of my debts, but now have nothing. Is he secretly frustrated?

I finished paying off one of debts (school debt). And when I told my boyfriend (who is a few years older than me and settled into his career) he seemed happy for me. But then I told him that I now have less than $100, so he's officially dating someone that's broke. He simply stated money wasn't everything.

I feel like because he cares so much about his finances and career that my financial situation might be of frustration to him. Although, I make sure things are even in terms of paying for dates ( so he never feels like I'm taking advantage of his money). Would it bother a guy to have a girlfriend that is still paying debt off in her late 20s?


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  • I wouldn't be bothered.

    He clearly said that money isn't an issue, so be content and satisfied that you're paying your debts. Other women can't so they turn to prostitution or other analogous cases.


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