When letting a guy know you're interested?

I met a guy about 3 weeks ago now, he asked for my number. After he initiated the first text, the three times after it was all me who started contact. So in our last round of texts I mentioned that maybe we could meet up. his response was to send back a photo in relation to one of the jokes I made in the text as well, but no other message in words.

What does that mean?


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  • If he doesn't start up a conversation in three days then he is not really worth your time. So you started the last three conversations after he initiates the first one. I'm a cynic, but he sends you an icebreaker and then starts a conversation to gain interest. then you do all the footwork and when you want to see results he sends you a picture?

    • Yeah that's a good point, thanks

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  • It means he wants to see your face since it might be that he's missing you.

    • so it didn't matter that he gave no verbal (or well I guess textual) message to go along with the picture?

    • Yes, madam.

    • although I haven't heard from him since and its been 3 days...

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