I'm confused..Hot then Cold

So last week were haging out and he's texting me good morning and good night...Its been a few days since we talked to I texted him he texts me right back he asked how my day was going I repleyed then no response...WHAT DO I DO?

I really liked him

*Even if you don't answer the question can you a least answer the poll thanks :)

  • Text him in a few days
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  • Dont text him anymore
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  • He doesn't like you anymore
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  • Ask him to hangout and then ask whim what's going on
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Most Helpful Guy

  • if your irking to ask him what's the real deal here then do it..if your up with playing this game you'll just fall for him the wrong way and he will take advantage of it..stay calm and act along..either he is playing you or he is testing the waters with you


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What Guys Said 2

  • The best way to gauge his true feelings for you is by spending time with him personally.

    Thus, the best way to do things is to ask him out to hangout.

  • First: NO TEXTING

    Now, the rest.

    ONLY meet in person.

    Thats the whole message!


What Girls Said 2

  • He may have a hundred reasons to not answer you ... Take the risk and ask him why didn't he respond you , everybody has bad days .

    I think he's interested, don't stop texting each other and good luck :) ~

  • He might be busy with school,a job or something. Give it time.