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Why does he try to limit my (dating) options?

I've been dating this guy for just under 12 months now. He & I definitely like each other & neither one of us is seeing anyone else (or has since we started dating).

We've discussed exclusivity and decided to keep things casual (non-exclusive) for now since neither of us is in a place where we're ready to settle down (+ we're both really busy & don't have the time necessary to devote to a serious relationship), but we have a lot of fun together. Point being, we both know we're non-exclusive.


My question is, why then does he give responses like these to questions guys ask him about me:

Guy: "So, is she your girlfriend?"

Him: "...Yeah."

A mutual acquaintance hugs me as we're leaving from a party.

Him: "Dude, what the hell?" (I keep walking, he stays & confronts our acquaintance). I was out of earshot but there was definitely a serious/tense exchange going on.

Him talking to his uncle about me on the phone (I can only hear one side of the conversation): "Yeah, she's kind of a girlfriend..."

He's also very quick to announce "We're dating," to any of his guy friends that inquire as to what we're doing together or who I am.


So what's going on here? Help me understand, guys. He knows we're not exclusive & yet he operates/responds in a way that limits my dating options (by kind of making it look like we are exclusive) when we're out & other guys show interest. He's not a controlling person (known plenty of those), so I'm sure it's not that. I'm not expecting him to pimp me out to other guys or anything, but I just find it kind of odd the way he responds.

Guys: Under what circumstances would you claim someone was your girlfriend (if you knew you guys weren't exclusive)?
Why does he try to limit my (dating) options?
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