Is he just leading me on?

Hello Everyone,

I met a guy on an online dating site. Here is very kind and very, very busy. We text and talk all day long. The problem is each time we make a plan to meet sometimes comes up. A couple of excuses has been work, or he lost his phone. I am a black female and he is a white guy. Some of my friends think that he may be a bit shy because he has never dated a black lady before. I don't believe that is the case. He stood me up 3 times. Should I give him one more chance or just forget him and move on? He is really a nice guy but I hate wasting my time. :-(

Thanks so much for the advice guys. This may not be the smartest thing to do but I gave him one more chance only because of his job situation. We are suppose to meet this weekend. I will let you guys know what happens. :-)


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  • One, two, three strikes, he's out. I think you deserve and can do way better than that guy. Let's face it. Even if he's nervous about dating a Black woman, if he was as excited about dating you as you were about dating him then he would have overcome the shyness and made a more conscientious effort to meet you. Leave him to his "job" and find a guy who will treat you better.

  • "He stood me up 3 times."


    "I had to work" and "I lost my phone" are pretty sh*tty excuses, sounds like he's a flake.

    If I were you, I wouldn't completely rule him out yet, but I also definitely wouldn't be stopping myself from making dates with other people.


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