Confused - did he just want a hook up?

So I went on a double date with my friend, this guy she has been talking to for a few weeks, and his best friend. They go to a military college, so they don't get as much social time as other college guys.

We went out to dinner, and he was a perfect gentleman. He held every door open for me, made a point of walking on the curb side, and was very friendly. He was saying how he thinks not enough guys are gentlemen, that they all just want to get some, blah blah...which looking back seems kind of fake and suspicious.

We all then went back to my school for a party and to crash in my room. (I thought the guys were going to end up on the floor) It ended up that my friend and her date were in one bed, and I was in the other. My date insisted on sleeping on the floor. But that morning we all kind of woke up and went back to sleep. My date and I ended up sharing my mattress, because the floor was really uncomfortable. He started stroking my back and my hair. We spooned for a while and then started kissing.

I am really inexperienced though, and felt uncomfortable with how fast it was going, so I stopped and rolled over without really saying anything.

The next morning and day was super awkward, and he seemed a little less friendly towards me. He didn't ask for my number or Facebook. So did he feel rejected, was he grossed out by my inexperienced kissing, or was he just disappointed because he didn't get any?


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  • Well, do not jump to conclusions way too fast because

    1. You just had one date and it's good you didn't give up the goods. Considering you don't know each other, you're not emotionally invested in him so the only problem here is that you feel a bit cheated on by his change of color and things like this may feel like a rejection, which never feels good.

    2. Guys are different. Wait a bit. See if he reaches out to you through your mutual friends. If not - no biggie, you're most likely not invested enough to care for too long - if yes, remain careful but do not overanalize everything - this will show and make you look rather shady and desperate.


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  • It's kind of hard to judge someone in person, and even more so via plain text. Considering the guy goes to a military college it would suggest that he is more disciplined, and overall has more respect for people etc etc. From just what you've written here I'd guess he's decent guy who got shot down by you, maybe harshly? if so then I too would think twice about asking your phone number.

    for next time though tell him he's going to fast, or don't get yourself in that situation where the guy thinks he can get some on the first date, because MOST guys WILL try it even with good girlfriend material.


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  • Because he's a pig and didn't get any! he could have tried to get your Facebook info, but no. Next time do say something if you stop kissing them even if you like him or don't. So to tame their madness.

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