What's going on with my boyfriend, has he lost interest?

I feel really bad. I miss my boyfriend... it's been 3 weeks since I saw him last. I broke up with him a week ago, because he stood me up on Sunday after promising that I could see him. I even waited 3 days after he stood me up for him to call before I sent him a break up notice. He didn't contact me until 2 days later in a panic. I said he took on 2 more jobs making 3 jobs in total, because he is helping his mom pay the bills and that he was sorry for ignoring me. He made a big deal about this...

I didn't break up with him because of him not seeing, I did not like being stud up and not hearing a word from him for days after.

He told me that he that this week he would come to see, because he is free until Thursday. That was a few days ago and I've still heard no word.

I can't figure out if he is using me or cares and is just really busy. I'm trying to be nice by not contacting him all of the time by erasing his number so that I can't text (I really want to). :'/ Facebook is the only way that I can message him now.

I feel so bad and miss him. I have no idea what to do or if we should even stay together. I can't figure this out. What's his deal?


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  • He didn't lose interest - you dumped him, remember?


    Do you honestly expect he's just going to ignore that, and become your freaking love slave or something, and to jump when you say so, and ask how high?

    Get over yourself.

    You dumped him. Of course you won't hear anything from him...

    You miss him... yeah, sure.

    • I thought he broke up up with me when he stud me up and I hadn't heard a word from him. I simply thanked him for his time and told him it was enjoyable. Yeah, I do miss him. I never told him... screw this. And F***you.

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  • You did good, and you have to be strong and keep going. He stood you up,! AND didn't call for days!

    Please get a hold of yourself. He does have a phone, does he? Not acceptable!

    • He does... I don't understand why he wants to keep if he doesn't want to contact me if he's going to flake. It doesn't make sense.

    • caz he's a smooth talker, you don't think he wants to loose you that easy. He likes having sex with you, your just not important for him to make you feel cared for.