Why Haven't I heard from him in a few days?

im not needy or anything, but I was talking to this guy for a while like everyday, and we went on our first date I thought it went good because he kissed me at the end of it and texted me immediately after our date saying he had fun and that he smells like me now. Lol Anyways we texted for like a day after that and I Haven't heard from him, its been about 2 days so just curious if it means he's not interested or just busy?


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  • It could be anything but whatever it is, you need to know that 2 days is nothing to a guy.

    2 days might as well be 2 minutes. To you, it might seem a long time. To him, it's the blink of an eye.


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  • 1. He must be busy.

    2. His phone is away from him.

    3. He went to kill a dragon that might be threatening you.

    4. His phone plan was overdue.

    5. His phone is foreclosed by the bank.

    6. A robber stole it and he chased him

    7. He's not interested.

  • He's not busy, he is waiting for you to send the first text. And if he tells you that he smells like you he is obviously going to be thinking of you for a long time (I am a guy afterall) Contact him, most likely he would want you to call him.

  • Be positive, he's probably just busy. Try to preoccupy your time with some fun activities!


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