Should I try talking to him and make some effort or let him go?

Me and my ex were talking for about a month. Things were going good. Then I happened to say something that turned him off and pushed him away. I stopped contacting him for about 2 weeks because I felt like he didn't want to talk to me after that. My emotions got in the way. I found out from a friend he went on 2 dates with another girl. He told my friend that if I contacted him he would have never went out with her because I never called or texted. He actually said no to girls because he was talking to me. Thought I wasn't interested. He also said that he wants a girl to take contol and not hold back. Someone who knows what they want. Says I hold a lot in and I don't make the iniative. I know exactly what I want though. I saw him last Friday, we talked a bit and when I went to leave he said to hit him up.

I sent him a text on Sunday saying I was sorry for the way I acted for those two weeks and I called him on Monday but got no answer from him yet. I'm not sure if I should wait a couple of days and text him make more effort to see if he responds or just let him go? I want to make effort o he knows I still want him..I know he's busy with work and football and also mentioned he doesn't know what he wants..It's hard for me though because I've been going through this with him for almost 2 years. I have feelings for him and I love him so much. He's knows all about that to. He says he does to. I just can't let him go..


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  • It seems that the best way to deal with this is to let him go.

    He's not interested anymore.


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