What would you think about a 19 year old guy who has never kissed a girl?

OK... I wrote a HUGE section of details and I'm too lazy to write it again. Just don't say "gay", 'cause that's not an option. It's just a relatively cute guy who's ever waited for the perfect girl for the perfect first kiss, and who has had bad luck with the ones he'd chosen. So What would you think of him? "He's a loser"? "It's so sweet"? "I could be the first girl"? "He believes he's too much for anybody"?

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  • That's my kind of guy :) I've never been kissed either. (saving it for my wedding day... kinda cheesy, but I think it'll be worth it). The way I picture things, I never want to ever kiss anyone that I don't spend the rest of my life with. When I'm 70 years old, I want to be growing old with my first kiss. In the meantime, I am making a list of attributes my perfect guy needs to have. (not the dumb stuff, like "loves dogs" or "buys me things," just the important stuff.) He needs to treat old people and children with respect. He needs to be a gentleman to not only me, but the people around me. He has to be christian. (Not because I'm prejudiced, I just want a God-based relationship.) and once this list is done, I think about that imaginary guy and think, what kind of attributes are on his "perfect girl" list? That's what I try to become :)

    • I wished girls here were a little more like you! I REALLY loved what you told me! Oh, if you were here I'd definitely give you a chance! You are SO sweet! A girl who thinks like you is just the kind I would wish to give a kiss. However, your "kind of guy" is extremely rare... So keep looking for them! I have no friends who are "lip virgins"... I loved your answer! It certainly deserved "Best Answer"! Thanks a lot! You gave me so much hope!

    • haha thanks so much :)

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  • What would you think about a 19 year old guy who has never kissed a girl?

    I would think he likely hasn't had sex either and it's quite possible he's bitter, resentful, or misogynistic about that so I'll step aside.

    So What would you think of him? "He's a loser"? "It's so sweet"? "I could be the first girl"? "He believes he's too much for anybody"?

    In the case of him waiting for the perfect girl for the perfect first kiss my thought would be "he's a rare exception to the general male and he seems a bit high maintenance and delusional".

    • Wow... Thanks for your answer.

  • I wouldn't really think much of anything... though it's charming to see a man who wants to wait for a perfect girl and that first kiss.

    Anyway there's no race here or anything, we all do this stuff at different stages of our lives.

  • i would think that its cute that's he's waiting for the right girl and also I gues I would try to do things differently if I wanted to be that girl, definitely would feel special if he chose me to be his first kiss.

  • I would think he needs to do the deed already!


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  • I think movies and typical high school relationships make 16-19 year olds feel like they need to have their first kiss or else they are a loser.

    Dating in high school is complicated because a lot of teens don't understand real relationships.

    Now even if you are 19+ and out of high school, there is still nothing wrong. You'll meet "her" eventually and you'll pride yourself you waited for the right girl. I know maybe sometimes it feels sad and depressing but just get your mind off these types of things.

    Hopefully when I find the "one", ill be a much stronger person physically and mentally so I know I can handle it and take great care of her.

    Im going into the Army, so I don't even know about dating in the military. I might meet her after my service or if I go to the reserves after 4 years. I don't know, but right now, ill just focus on myself.

    • I admire your thoughts, and I wished someone here thought the way you do. It's impressive. Thanks a lot!

    • Thanks :) and anytime

  • I'm 18, never had a girlfriend, never kissed a girl, hell I even have a problem flirting with girls but somehow I still can give some good advice... Mmmmm, always found that odd... Oh well

    I think you just haven't found the right girl yet, don't worry bout it, your still young, you have time to do it all

    Good Luck

    • You sound like me lol. That type that gives good advice yet not experiencing it. I think we get it from thinking from perspective ..or something. I don't know xD

    • It's amazing how many times I give an answer and then the person asking the question tells me I sound just like them, its funny really how many people are the same as me. =D


      Yea I have no experience but yet almost half the people (maybe more, maybe less) ends up finding my answers usefull or nice but I do mess up sometimes, but what do you expect, I'm only human.

      Anyway, Good Luck...Again

    • Thanks 4 your answer!

  • I consider you as someone who only goes to girls that fits your high standard.

  • Try being 27 and never having a girlfriend. AT least your only 19 and have more time then I do before I realize its to late and I'll die a fat ugly pathetic loser.

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