Dating him is hard with lies, no trust and fighting. Help me. I love him, he was my first. But I don't know no

Well, to start with I have been dating him on and off since 4 years now. He cheated 3 times and I took him back evry single time. I don't trust him at all. I feel he will do it again. He keeps saying I don't spend enough time with him but I think I do, and whenever I go out with my friends he'll say "you don't come to meet me and you go out with your friends"

Now, recently, I didn't want to get back with him but I had too cause his mom messaged and then I just gave up. He kept crying and being depressed (I hardly doubt that is true though) He had a ligament reconstruction surgery and so he is on bed rest for 20 days. He started fighting on the first day itself and when I asked him he's like the medicines and the loniless is doing all this. And, Its getting on my nerves now. He'll start crying and then tell me to break up and sh*t. He told me to leave because he was angry at me and when I didnt, he started shouting and telling me to Get lost from the house.

I'm confused.


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  • Dump him! Once a cheater always a cheater. Especially when he cheated on you 3 times. You deserve much better than that and you are so young that you have plenty of time to find someone better. Dump him, and don't look back. He doesn't deserve your love in his time of need. Trust me you will find someone better and look back wondering why you put up with his crap for so long!

  • I think you should find a better guy for yourself, sounds like he's trying to make it all about him and on top of that making excuses. I dated a guy like this and it didn't end well, but only you can control your actions and how you handle things, and you won't realize until you've hit rock bottom and are emotionally mentally and physically too tired to deal with the B.S. in my opinion. you say you love him and I'm sure you do but, is it really worth the way he treats you? do you want to worry about/put up with what he's doing behind your back and the way he disrespects you forever? you deserve better, but only you can make the decisions for yourself, do what will make you happy in the end :)