Movie date!!! is he into me or no?

well I'm gay and I met this guy on craigslist a couple of weeks ago and well we talked and we had a great conversation about music TV shows and relationships. and at first we started to text and we talked on the phone and it was nice I felt like I had a connection with him and out of nowhere he told hey lets go to the movies and I was like oh okay fine so then I got ready and I was on my way and I knew how he looked because he had sent me a picture and well I didn't sent him one as well because he never asked me too. so when I saw him walking throwers me I felt like hey he is cute and he seem like a nice guy and well at first it was awkward and we were just standing there and I didn't say hello I was to nervous it had been a while that I have been on a date. so he got the tickets and I we were walking to the go sit down and I would ask him a question and he would always say why and then we I looked at him he would do a weird face like what's wrong with you. and we talked but not really because he would say why why why so then I was talking to him and he walked away leaving me talking to myself and then he said why do you talk like that and I said how? and then he didn't anwser me and well I was like okay and then when we were sitting I sat a seat away from him. I wasn't even sure that he even wanted me to seat next to him. and it was like what happened we were talking and having a great conversation and yet I don't know what happened like I'm hot lol :) so what do you think? and after the day we didn't text me or called or nothing? and the only reason I would look at him was because when you have a conversation you have to look at the person on the eyes!

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  • he's not into you, sorry hun. he was rude and not flirty, not paying much attention to you, don't waste your time on him, he sounds like an a**hole.


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  • No I don't think he is into you at all sorry.


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  • He's not into you, unfortunately.

    It seems that he went to the movie just to watch the movie, and not for your sake.

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