Need help decoding "guy speak" LOL

I had been seeing a guy casually for a few months. We got into a dumb fight that snowballed out of control and we stopped seeing/speaking to each other. 3 mths later, we are spending time together again. (no sex involved). I recently lost 30 lbs since end of September and am staying on track to lose more. He comments that when I lose weight I will not want him anymore and leave him a better guy.Not true! His ex did this to him. We were casually dating before (met on dating website), and we are both still on the site now. During our break, we both had several dates that didn't amount to much. Now, he is making comments like "how would you boyfriend feel about me coming over?" "Your boyfriend is gonna be mad that I'm here". I DO NOT have a boyfriend! He is referring to the dates I went on. Also, he tells me that it is up to me whether want to keep looking for someone better than him because I am going to do that anyway in the future. I HATE IT WHEN HE TALKS DOWN TO HIMSELF! He also said yesterday(Tuesday) that he has a date tomorrow(Wednesday), but thinks he's gonna cancel it because he is tired of 1st dates. I encouraged him to go on the date because I didn't feel that I should tell him not to because we are only a couple weeks into seeing each other again. Also wanted to see how he would react! WTH does he mean? Is he hinting that he wants something more exclusive with me? So confusing!

Any feedback/advice is greatly appreciated from everyone! Have a super day!


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  • Tell him how you feel, some people are left in ignorance and just assume and that just makes an ass out of both of you, him for not asking and you for not disclosing your true thoughts in their entirety. Tell him what you told us on GaG . But he is probably insecure and sees you bettering yourself and doesn't know a way to better himself. Invite him to workout sessions or open up gym memberships together, (only if you both could use it) if he shouldn't be insecure then let him know why he's so great and why he shouldn't be, he will deny it at first but he'll know. If you're not exclusive yet and you want to be, be upfront. If you want t wait, then let him know why you are waiting. He should understand.

  • That guy badly wants to be with you as well.

    By indirectly asking how your "boyfriend" will react, it will help him guess if you have a boyfriend or not. It would be best if you two can go back together and start things again.

    You, two, really need each other a lot, and seems to have the deep connection established.


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