Have you called someone self absorbed before?

i have been single for 4 years now. I use to always chase guys, wanting to get attention from them, wanting to have a boyfriend so bad and then I got my heart broken really bad, it took me a long time to heal from it. I never wanted anything to do with guys again. I have just been so scared. 4 years I guess.

durring my time, I used it to better myself and now I am very focoused on my passions. I am happy and have been feeling that I never want anyone to take the things that I enjoy doing, away from me.

well I decided that it couldn't hurt to try to get to know a guy. So I meet a guy, we go on one date, I had a great time, and I told him that I am a really busy lady but I would like to make time to go on another date, not sure when but I will have to check my schedual and let him know.

the next day, well not even the next day, but that night at 3am he is texting me asking me when I would like to see him again? but I already told him I need to check my schedual. then I'm at work, and he is calling me and texting me throughout the day and I can't answer my phone at work but when I get to my phone there are loads of messages from him and one of them was "i guess you don't want to talk to me then, bye"

so I just ignored it. I felt like he was being too pushy and he was getting upset at me because I could not text him back right away and tell him what he wanted to hear.

then he writes me on Facebook, and emails me too! calling me self absorbed.

why should I stop working and get in trouble at my job just to talk to some guy? Does that really make me self absorbed or he was just being pushy, thirsty, impatient and bitter?


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What Guys Said 1

  • That's true. You should not get in trouble at your job just for the sake of that guy.

    He should better look at the more positive side of things.

    You're entitled to your own freedom and happiness, and you shouldn't let someone you just met to overstep your boundaries.


What Girls Said 1

  • No it doesn't really make you self-absorbed, it's probably more than his experience with other women was different, in other words they'd be faster to reply (which I guess is quite common), because let's face it it doesn't really take long to "check my schedule" :P It could easily be misunderstood as you trying to blow him off and not reply.

    His reply is a bit impatient and later bitter however.

    I don't think any of you are at fault, I just think you perhaps need a guy who is more patient.

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