Torn between two guys, the classic dilemma, help?

I have a best guy friend who I love to death. He's always there for me, clearly likes me (although he can act a little feminine and immature). We are on the brink of dating, but according to him, the ball is in my court.

It's up to me whether we date because I still have lingering feelings for my crush (he's 7 years older than me, I'm almost 18). I don't want to get over him. We had a much stronger chemistry, there was much more of a mystery and a spark. I don't know if I should ask him if all those times we flirted at work meant anything.

Should I keep hoping to date my older crush, or give my best guy friend a chance? And should I ask my crush if it meant anything? Any advice would be great.


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  • 7 years older, so he's 25? I think if he wanted sth from you, he'd made a move by now. If you really want to know, go straight up to him, look him in the eye and ask: "Are you attracted to me?" See what happens next, it probably will be funny. Be prepared for him to do sth embarrassing or stupid, like spilling coffee on his shirt or choking on words. But there will be a reaction, no doubt. In case he says, "no", just turn around without another word and walk away. Then call your buddy for a date, since now you have a clear answer.

    And why is the ball in your court with your best friend? I don't get it. He could also take you out and woe you a little bit more, if he is really interested. Maybe hint on that there is a bit of magic missing, right now. If he is a douche and too scared to ask you out, then maybe it is better to stay friends. Or will this be a "friends-with-benefits kind of deal"? Then maybe both of you should be clear, that you are up for some intense and funny sexual experimentation, with a big chunk of friendship love. Which can be great, too, you know? But that is still sth else than being madly in love, and it should be spelled out before hand and talked about, so that none of you enters the deal with the wrong expectations. So that no one gets hurt. Good luck!


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  • If I were you , id give the best friend a chance he has told you he is interested , stop wasting time with just a crush when you hav a great guy waiting for you to decide , your crush will always be your crush ( if you both did flirt well it could just be fun if he hasn't tried to make an actually move on you forget him